It Was Fun


Well, I am grateful for the effort I put into this blog in the beginning and disappointed I didn’t keep up with it after the move, but C’est la vie right :)

I think I’ll start blogging again in the (near?) future.

I hope all who stumble(d) upon this humble page are well.






So a bit before 2:50pm today there was an earthquake off the coast of Northeastern Japan. I’m in Tokyo, so some 300km or so away from the epicenter, but I still felt it good and plenty. I was actually using the restroom when it started, about the same amount of shaking/swaying as the one I felt earlier in the year, but then it quickly got a bit stronger. It’s spring break so there are not many girls in the dorm, but I went with Maimi downstairs, scared to death as the whole dorm was swaying strongly. She had a pillow for protecting our heads, but I was thinking how little help it would be if the building were to collapse, which is what I thought was going to happen.
My dorm was built 50 or more years ago and the school even wants to demolish it some time in the near (couple years) future to build a new dorm. By how badly it was moving and things were shaking, I really had no idea what was going to happen. I also had no idea what I to do in this sort of situation, but I was wanted to go outside as I was thinking the dorm was going to crumble on top of me any second. Maimi was saying that it was best to wait as it is dangerous to go near glass and things that could injure you so we stood in the hallway against a wall between the doors to the social lounge and the stairs to the second floor. Across from us was the box with the fire hose in it; the door of the box was actually thrown open and the hose fell out.

It was one of, if not the most terrifying experience I have had. Thankfully the dorm did not in fact collapse and none of my things were damaged. Mobile phone lines are down and mailing (text email on cell phones) is hardly working. Shiki is alone returning from Hokkaido, meaning she is quite closer to the epicenter, and I can’t get a hold of her…I hope the phones situation improves soon. Trains are also down, leaving many people stranded for the night and who knows how long for there hasn’t been any talk about when they will be back up. I don’t know much about the Tsunami situation besides that it isn’t good and places are flooding (Sendai airport), cars, boats, and even buildings are being swept away, but I am fairly certain that I do not need to worry about that for myself.

There have been many, I think in the 30s now? Maybe more? Aftershock earthquakes since the initial one and they are said to possibly continue for hours or even days. Where I am in Tokyo and in my dorm, some of them are very subtly, some stronger, all scary and unwanted. I also got a message from my phone provider around 7:30pm early warning about another big/strong earthquake in a location closer to Tokyo than the first big one, but I don’t think we ended up feeling in much more than the other aftershock quakes.

I’ve basically been sitting here in front of my computer with three different live streams open, two English and one Japanese, and trying to stay calm. Oh, and I keep eating :\ I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight or be able to rest well even if I do end up going to bed.

Today started out a fairly normal day too, aside from my friend Yuli going back to America. I believer her flight was at 3pm so I’m guessing everything went okay for her. Her flight and overall trip is long so I’ll have to wait a bit before I can get in contact with her. Not sure what else to say right now; I can always update if I remember something else. Mind is a bit hazy, so scary.

Why wasn’t this posted earlier? Even a couple hours? Well, the distraction started with an hour wasted looking up things about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I’m sure I can safely assume no one wants to hear anything about that.
Oh, and no school talk in this post! I’ll only say that winter term is over and I’m now on a month long spring vacation!

Before the giant leap back in time, let’s see what yesterday was like! I went to Akihabara for the first time (in Tokyo for nearly 6 months and this is the first time!? Whatwhat?) and did cosplay purikura for the first time as well! Shiki and I were enjoying ourselves so much that we ended up doing it FOUR times! I’ll surely be doing it again in the future too! It was nice that we didn’t have to pay anything to borrow the costumes either.

~Time Leap~

So I’m going to be doing Locking and Girls Hip-Hip for Haruko (Spring performance). I originally wanted to do Lock and Freestyle (which incorporates different genres), but didn’t get it. So I have been having practice everyday again and I like that, but I still feel like I’m not improving as much as I would like (just like with Japanese! This obviously means the problem is me. Ganbare!). The story line for the performance is interesting, involving a salaryman and his wife and daughter, plus a magial remember-the-past Ebenezer Scrooge style music box.
Since this performance is the biggest one of the year I guess they, being…well, I’m not really sure, decided that it is necessary to have a Tachiage (start up party) for all participating in Haruko, plus separate ones for each genre. So three for me, and I’m not sure I even want to write how much it all cost together. Probably around $50 or so? ( ノ⊙Д⊙)ノ I didn’t have a terrible time at any of them and I am not against the idea of it, just why so much munnies must you take from me? Also, this is going to happen at the end for Uchiage (ending party). ಥ_ಥ
Final word about SMST this past month-I’ve again noticed how much more comfortable guys are interacting physically with each other compared to the West. Example, in my experience girls have no problem leaning back against a female friend who is sitting behind them on the floor (either on her crossed legs, in between them if the are open, or on them if they are straight in front of her), but I feel I can’t quite say the same for many of the guys I’ve seen or known. Not only have I seen guys doing this here, but it’s not weird or anything really out of the ordinary. Maybe it is just the guys at ICU, I wouldn’t say this is the most “normal” university around. Humans sure are fascinating.

Some other party and party like things I did:
Sleepover at Mana’s! Back story: Mana didn’t have a bike so I took the bus with her to the everyone-Tachiage. Since I would need to take the bus again to get back to campus after(she would be taking the train home), she went through all the trouble of calling her mom and checking the last bus for me. By the time I needed to leave, everyone was leaving too and because I stopped to talk with a couple people I ended up missing the time for the last bus. Oops~ Luckily it worked out okay and we had some pasta and ice cream for an after midnight snack (meal).
Kickout party for the seniors leaving the dorm. We made Okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake! Yum!
Kaiten Sushi! With my lovely foreigner SMST friends, I got to eat sushi for the first time since coming to Japan (again, why a “first” so late in the game? ^^;). It was cheap and delicious! I ended up going again with another friend a few days later :D I really like this group of friends to be honest and I’m kind of sad that I haven’t been able to see them much recently :(
Tea Party where I played some violent card games and ate too much. Oh! And I found WalMart cookies!! Can you believe it!? I couldn’t, even after buying and eating half the package!

I also watched the first season of Heroes with Yuli, a series I was into years ago when it first came out, but for whatever reason didn’t keep up with it. I recommend it to anyone who likes superpowers!

We had a room change in my dorm. At first I was a bit unsure of it as I didn’t see the reason or really want to go to a new room or have a new roommate (humans hate change!), but it turns out I’m really happy with the change! Even though the room is smaller, there is more space and I have my own refrigerator too, given to me from one of the seniors leaving in March. As for my new roommate, couldn’t be happier! It’s not that I didn’t like my previous one, we just hardly saw each other and didn’t really talk much, though it wasn’t a terrible relationship or anything. Madoka is adorable, nice, and I get to see and talk with her often!

The 4th of February was a day off due to entrance testing so a group of 12 of us took two days and went to Nikko! Since it wasn’t Tokyo where winter doesn’t exist, it was a bit colder and there was actually snow ☃ We took a bus there and back, about 5/6 hours each ʘ‿ʘ It took so long mostly because of the lengthy rest stops we made. The hotel we stayed at was amazing, especially for so cheap (the whole trip was $60 if I remember correctly). I got to go in an onsen for the first time, see some cool waterfalls and ice sculptures, and enjoy a tasty all you can eat dinner followed by an all you can eat breakfast the next morning! Not too shabby ♨

Okay, let’s break up all the fun with a bit talk that’s boring, but I’m going to add anyway. Last time I mentioned something was up with my precious eyeball, oh no! Well after a final and unnecessary check-up today everything is good, nothing to worry about. Yeah, that’s all I guess.

Let’s wrap this post up with a bit of love-Let’s talk Valentine’s Day! ♥♡♥ So as some of you may or may not know, Valentine’s Day in Japan is a bit different than in Western countries. Instead of what one might typically think, guys giving chocolates and such to girls, girls are the ones who do the giving here, and not just to their boyfriends. Girls will of course make special chocolates, called Honmei, for their boyfriend or the guy they fancy and want to try confessing to (if I’m not mistaken, this one is nearly always expected to be made by the girl herself, where as the following ones could be bought as well). They also may give Girichoco, or obligation chocolate, to their guy friends, classmates, or even fellow work employees. On top of all that, there is also Tomochoco which is chocolate one can give to their female friends. Since I am in Japan I decided I might as well partake in as many Japanese things as I can, including their holiday traditions. I ended up making cupcakes, fudge, and two types of cookies. Aside from giving some to friends, I made special bags particularly for the guys I’m closest with in SMST. And no, I didn’t technically make a Honmeichoco, but I did make one of the bags a super-subtly bit more special for this one guy. I had thought about it before, but I don’t want to confess or anything and have decided things are perfectly fine how they are now and I don’t want anything getting messed up. :)
I really enjoyed doing this actually, so I plan on keeping up with this tradition even when I go back to America! <3
I received chocolates too! Too many actually ( ゚ヮ゚) I'm still trying to work it all off! ;p

So that was this past month in a nutshell (and minus the horror that was schoolwork).
From the 2nd or the 3rd I will be going on a week long vacation to Hokkaido! Yeah, I’m leaving the beautifully warm and snowless Tokyo and heading North to the cold! It’ll be “fun” experiencing winter again! I kid about the “fun”, I think it will be lots of fun even if I’m freezing the whole time! I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures and update my blog when I return! Maybe I’ll just make it a picture post with little commentary.

1 Month! ^^;


I’m not dead or anything-Promise! I also promise an update within the next week! Pinky swear dayo!

Quick update: I basically had no food besides rice, pasta, and peanut butter these past few days! Too busy to get to the store haha But I went today! Yay! And then I ate two apples in a row ’cause I missed them so much! n_n

Off to…hmm..I don’t know, but I have practice at 7 and maybe I’ll go a bit earlier? I sure need all the practice I can get, though I can’t help but wonder if it’s doing me any good! xD

Too Many Papers


Not just the ones I have to write either, my desk space has become a bit cluttered with work. Anyway, not much has happened over the past couple weeks which might explain the lack of a post. I went to class, did work, bought groceries, and other mundane things.

Smooth Steppers started up again (a bit too late if you ask me; I’m sure I’ve gain a couple hundred pounds or so with all the eating and no exercising I’ve been doing!) with some basic genre workshops in preparation for the Harukou, or Spring Performance, which I’ve been told is the biggest and most important event. I tried a genre called Freestyle, which I hadn’t done before, and it’s basically a mix of a bunch of styles like Hip-Hop, Ballet, and Jazz. It was lots of fun and I think I want to choose this one as a genre I do for the performance because then I can have a bit of everything I want to do! :D I’m thinking of doing two, so Freestyle and Locking, but I still have lots to think about! I hope I don’t have to decide by tomorrow…

Speaking of tomorrow, it will be the last workshop of this sort, a choice between Hip-Hop or Locking (I’ll probably do Locking), and then a workshop about Harukou and such, than a start up party! Since the party is at an Izakaya, it’s a bit expensive (2500yen) and I’m not sure it will be entirely worth it, though I want to go to try to “bond” with the other members. It may turn out that I don’t talk much, as per usual, but my dear friend Elliot decided to go as well (I feel kind of guilty because I don’t think he entirely wanted to, but in the end decided to when I asked if he was going) so I can always just have a good time with him!

Oh! Global House had their ball today and I decided to forgo tonight’s SMST workshop to go spend time with my friends there. The theme was Lady Gaga so the decorations were fun as well as some people’s attire. It was a decently good time and now I’m tired! I’ll end this short and nearly pointless post here, go take a shower, then hit the sheets in order to wake up early to read a book and write a paper on it! Woah! Can I do that in 8 hours, or do I have to wake up even earlier? Oh dear…

I forgot to mention my trip to the eye doctor! So something happened to my right eye on Friday (14th) before I went to bed, though I wasn’t sure what as it just felt irritated and like something was in it even though I didn’t find anything. Saturday morning came and it still hurt plus I could see some sort of spot or scratch or something. I contemplated going to the doctors, as my eyes are quite important to me, but I’m a baby and don’t particularly fancy the doctors (let alone ones that probably don’t speak much English!) so I didn’t end up going. Sunday came and it still wasn’t better; I of course was jumping to many conclusions and thought my eye was going to melt away. I then decided it would be better to suck it up and just skip class on Monday to go (closed on Sundays, limited hours otherwise).
Luckily Mana was able to come with me though! Not only was it not as scary and helpful to have someone who can speak Japanese properly, but the 2 hour wait might have driven me insane otherwise. There were so many people there we couldn’t believe it! Especially since it was not that big of an office. We were able to pass the time well enough with games like MASH and pairing ourselves up with guys were liked via the Japanese random decision making line game. She kept getting the guy I wanted in both games! No fair! Maybe that’s just telling me to give up on him in real life~?

Classes began again yesterday, woo. I guess it’s fine since I haven’t exactly been that productive with my free time anyway~

So I didn’t really do much of anything for the remainder of my break, besides sitting around wasting time in a nice, relaxing way. On Thursday (6th) though, I went with Lisa to Shibuya for a K-Pop event and that’s what I’m going to write about today!
(I did help set up for the 11KO that is happening on Sunday, to which I can now attend since my weekend plans have changed so much and now are not happening until another time [next month?!], but besides carrying some stage and such, it wasn’t so interesting to warrant more than this sentence~)

So right after class ended the two of us biked to Musashi and then took the train to Shibuya. I had looked over the route from Shibuya station to the venue location, O-East, but because maps in Japan are a bit beyond me at times, what with the whole North/South/East/West not always pointing in the same direction, it took a bit of time to rearrange the way to get their in my brain. After asking a few people while standing in front of the map in the station, I had a general idea of the direction we needed to go so we set off. When we got to a big intersection though, we decided it would be best to just as someone at the conbini (convenient store) so we new we were headed the right way. Turns out we sort of were, but if kept going without asking would have ended up going in the opposite direction! Yikes!

We arrived safe and sound, bought our tickets, headed to the event room, and waited about 30 minutes or so for it to start. To describe the event in brief, it was a gathering of K-Pop (Korean Pop) fans (can’t give that good of an estimate, but maybe around 150/200 or so; not too big) to watch about 24 different groups (made up of K-Pop fans just like you an me!) perform covers of different Korean groups. Most of them were really well done and it was fun watching while surrounded by everyone who also loves Korean music and dance~♪♫ I saw soo many cute girls! Ah, some of them really were just too adorable~☼ xD

After all the groups performed (about 3 hours including a ridiculously long and not so necessary DJ time halfway through), then guest dancers who have done backup dancing for various artists came and danced, which was Awesome! [Edit: I guess they were dancers that Rino had brought with her from the states!] There were three guys dressed just like the girls (maybe 7 or so)-i.e. short shorts, fitted top, and even heels!-one in particular that I couldn’t help but keep watching as he was hilarious! He was also a tall and attractive black guy, so he stuck out a even more! :D

Then came what Lisa and I were most excited for-Rino Nakasone! ☄☆★☆★ Waaah!! So happy! She is so かっこういい(kakkoi-cool) and amazing and just-gah!! *U* She does most of the choreography for SHINee, and also has done plenty of other choreography for SME (SM Entertainment, a Korean agency) artists. She is also a member of Beat Freaks, a all-female group of wicked dancers! Her life has basically been amazing, just as it should because she is amazing!
The MCs talked with her a bit (I love! how she talks-random English words and some sort of accent that I can’t put my finger on, but it’s great and not “cutesy” at all-yay! After talking, she performed a medley of the different choreo she’s made and it was ma~rvelous!

Unfortunately taking pictures was prohibited during the whole event and I didn’t want to risk them taking my camera or anything, so I was a good girl and waited until it was all over and at the ending DJ time to take some photos. (The above one was during the halftime DJ time) Also, when a song came on and someone, performers and audience members, knew the dance they would go up on stage and dance. Lisa said that we should go up if they play Miss A (we learned/are learning one of their dances) and guess what? It came on and we went up (after me being a bit “wait, should we? Is it okay? alskejfea >xS”) and danced! Yay!

Rino is going to be having a few workshops toward the middle/end of the month and I’d love to go, but I’m not sure yet all the details, so we’ll see! Also, there seems to be another event like this that will happen in March and we might enter~◔ᴗ◔ We’ll see, We’ll see!

  1. 2009
  2. Denmark
  3. Edible Glitter
  4. Photoshop CS2
  5. Laughter at inappropriate times
  6. Plato’s Closet
  7. Photos taken in mirrors
  8. Snow
  9. Reunion
  10. Boy Band troubles
  11. 小さい山P
  12. 90’s Music
  13. Salad Bar
  14. Reasonless Happiness
  15. Yet to be finished Video Game
  16. Newmarket
  17. Old Friends
  18. New Friends
  19. Lunches with Tomoko at Franklin
  20. Sites such as Chatroulette and Omegle
  21. Time spent with Vikki
  22. Spanish
  23. NZAs
  24. Field 210
  25. Video Camera
  26. Boredom
  27. Walks
  28. Nieces
  29. AllKpop
  30. DSLR
  31. Imagination
  32. Tears
  33. Smiles
  34. Buses
  35. Geekologie
  36. External Hard Drives
  37. Arguments
  38. Socially unacceptable Humor
  39. Fire Alarms at 2am
  40. Uncomfortable Face =\
  41. Facebook Creeping
  42. Awkwardness
  43. SpongeBob Cake
  44. UMass
  45. Fruit
  46. Internet
  47. 日本語の先生 
  48. Sleep
  49. Sleepless Nights
  50. References that few, if any, pick up on
  51. Insatiable Hunger
  52. Power Outages
  53. OK Go
  54. Nicknames
  55. Demon Voice
  56. NEWS
  57. South West
  58. Procrastination
  59. Anonymity
  60. 2¢ Stamps
  61. DSi
  62. School Papers
  63. Rider Writer
  64. YouTube Videos
  65. Speaking Tests
  66. 603 Pride
  67. Nervousness
  68. Pi
  69. Golden Axe
  70. The Sun
  71. Love
  72. Red UMass Canteen
  73. Touchy Feely Friends
  74. Parties
  75. Late Night Chats
  76. Goldfish Crackers
  77. Eyeballs
  78. Doodles
  79. Tongues
  80. The Bowl
  81. Free T-Shirts
  82. Goodbyes
  83. Mail
  84. Family
  85. Not that well concealed Stares
  86. Music
  87. Hills
  88. Rain
  89. Skype
  90. Easter
  91. Ice Skates
  92. Asia
  93. Dinner Dates
  94. The Monkey Bar
  95. Adventures and Explorations
  96. Disney Dance
  97. Jury Duty
  98. Pearl Street
  99. Bunnies
  100. Drinking Water
  101. Uploads
  102. Gus and his Inability to read Body Language
  103. Sushi
  104. Candy
  105. Tie Dye
  106. Cuteness
  107. Empty Plans and Promises
  108. Justin Bieber
  109. Masquergayed
  110. Slyly taken Photos
  111. Pretend and Make Believe
  112. Walls
  113. Gangster Talk
  114. Strange Japan
  115. A delicious Apple at the top of a tree
  116. Token White Girl
  117. Uncertain Crushes
  118. Childhood Memories
  119. Movies with friends
  120. Birthdays
  121. Car Rides
  122. Learning
  123. Conversations with walls
  124. Wishes
  125. Stress
  126. New Experiences
  127. Common Interests
  128. Discovery
  129. Sam Tsui
  130. Russ K
  131. Mindless Munching
  132. Grownups
  133. USB Drives
  134. Odd shaped Balloons
  135. Tagging
  136. Naps
  137. Links
  138. Inflatables
  139. Persuasion
  140. God of War
  141. Packing
  142. Loneliness
  143. Handmade Cards
  144. Thank You Cake
  145. Congratulations
  146. Insults
  147. Sweet Words
  148. Blood
  149. Loss of Teenhood
  150. Clarifications
  151. Sewing Machine
  152. Yearning
  153. Patience
  154. Track
  155. Text Confessions
  156. Elementary School Playground
  157. Dollar Store
  158. Recurrent Statuses
  159. Plane Tickets
  160. Phone Calls
  161. Singing Children
  162. Connections
  163. Strong Bonds
  164. Ice Cream Cake
  165. Internet Speak
  166. Friendship Bracelets
  167. Gollum
  168. Laundromats
  169. Sexiness
  170. Repeat
  171. Peanut Butter Cheesecake
  172. SHINee
  173. Wit
  174. Amusement
  175. Hope
  176. Beauty
  177. Excitement
  178. Comebacks
  179. Omona
  180. Development
  182. Donations
  183. Anticipation
  184. Easy Amusement
  185. Hair loss
  186. Concepts
  187. Teasers
  188. English Fails
  189. Hypothetical Explosions and Implosions
  190. Fangirling
  191. Spam
  192. 3 Year 1 Month 2 Day Age Gaps
  193. Borderline Crazy
  194. Truths
  195. Materialism
  196. Blind Love
  197. Regret
  198. Music Videos
  199. Long Hair
  200. Do It Yourself Projects
  201. Desire
  202. Unadulterated Happiness
  203. Technology
  204. Long Notes
  205. Growth
  206. Deep Voices
  207. Community
  208. Spazzing
  209. Uncontrollable Emotions
  210. Alone Time
  211. Attraction
  212. Macros and .gifs
  213. Live Streaming
  214. Failure
  215. Dance Covers
  216. Pride
  217. Cats
  218. Last Minute Work
  219. Assistance
  220. Visas
  221. Maryland
  222. Parodies
  223. Swimming Pools
  224. Costumes and Wigs
  225. Otakon
  226. Giant Dogs
  227. Picnics
  228. Intimidation
  229. Late Night Drives
  230. Jealousy
  231. Photos with strangers
  232. Sleepovers
  233. Preparations
  234. Anxiety
  235. Jaden and Willow Smith
  236. Financial Aid
  237. Heartache
  238. Korean Music Programs
  239. Web Games
  240. Storms
  241. Scary Sea Creatures
  242. Acronyms and Abbreviations
  243. Influence
  244. Innuendos
  245. Bottomless Stomach
  246. Confused Brain
  247. Medleys
  248. Unforgettable People, Places, and Things
  249. Sore Throat
  250. Lots of Laughter
  251. Singing Songs about anything and everything, sung anytime
  252. Flying Solo
  253. Blogs
  254. Carryon Baggage, Blanket, and Bunny
  255. Time Zones
  256. In-flight Meals
  257. Miracles
  258. Orientations
  259. Embarrassment
  260. Incredibly amazing and helpful Iemi
  261. Gorgeous Weather
  262. Frozen Bananas
  263. Japanese
  264. Safety
  265. Class Outings
  266. Smoking and Nonsmoking Sections
  267. 三鷹
  268. Bicycle
  269. Email Texting
  270. Self-consciousness
  271. Lack of Hot Water
  272. Smooth Steppers
  273. Busy Schedule
  274. Hellos
  275. Mirrors
  276. Dorm Initiation
  277. Frustration
  278. Practice
  279. Cookies and Junk Food
  280. Recipes
  281. 2nd Hand Stores
  282. Seclusion
  283. Purikura
  284. A Trimester and a half
  285. Meet Ups
  286. Hard Work and Determination
  287. Flea Markets
  288. Withdrawal Symptoms
  289. Future Plans
  290. BSed Papers
  291. Lazy Days
  292. Festivals
  293. Performances
  294. Coincidental Meetings
  295. Earthquakes
  296. Inability to say things properly
  297. Jeans
  298. All you can eat meals
  299. Tall Buildings
  300. Small Spaces
  301. 14達
  302. Thank you note Albums
  303. お疲れ様 & 頑張って
  304. Weird Moods
  305. Delicious Food
  306. Socks
  307. Travel
  308. Photo Shoots
  309. Chicken Curry
  310. Expenses
  311. Cultural Differences
  312. Exhausted Body
  313. Disappointment
  314. Dorm life
  315. Yen
  316. Free Tissues
  317. Vacations
  318. Amusement Parks
  319. Illuminations
  320. Freudian Slips
  321. Trains
  322. First Impressions
  323. Commercials
  324. Irritated Eyes
  325. Oven Microwave Toasters
  326. Strange things that have become the Norm
  327. Politeness
  328. Appreciation for English
  329. Realizations
  330. Ticket Lottery
  331. Twitter
  332. Meetings
  333. Earings
  334. Gratitude
  335. Make ups and Workshops
  336. Foreigners
  337. Scaredy Cat
  338. Maps
  339. Tights and Skirts
  340. Apples
  341. 本館
  342. Turkeyless Thanksgiving
  343. Hugs
  344. Lost Time
  345. Rooftops
  346. All Night Extravaganzas
  347. Obstacles
  348. 4 Hour long classes
  349. ナンパ
  350. Ice Cream
  351. ガールズ
  352. ロック
  353. Evolving Friendships
  354. Counting
  355. Worries
  356. Girl Talk
  357. Progression
  358. My Honey
  359. Bread
  360. Changed Expectations
  361. Bizarre Dreams
  362. Acceptance
  363. Giant Spiders
  364. Ups and Downs
  365. Remembering

This list is not entirely chronological and some of the points may have multiple meanings and/or refer to multiple things.
This list was highly enjoyable to put together and allowed me to see this past year in a new perspective while learning about myself.

I’d recommend doing this to anyone! No explanations are necessary, nor is publishing it anywhere, so just let your memories flow freely!♪